The Art and Heart of Withdrawing into Seclusion

There comes a time when seeking refuge is the best and easiest option. Life gets too much for us sensitive energy beings and if we ignore the signs we fall apart, or we simply break down. Coming to a point where nothing is possible and pain is all consuming, be that emotional or physical serves no one. Is it any wonder then that spiritual tourism is the fastest growing sector in the travel business? The harder we have to work to juggle all the roles and demands made on our time the more we cry out for soulful reconnection.

I speak from experience and my pain has become the inspiration for what I do now. Taking time out restores my energy. Its essential because without these pauses I would be incapable of showing up on my mat for the students who rely on yoga for a sense of balance even if momentary and fleeting. Offering the opportunity to revitalise, to step out of a limited reality, to reconnect with what is true, is what going on retreat is all about.

A retreat in this context means withdrawing into seclusion or safety. Our days seem filled with distractions and deadlines and over time like a leaky drain our life force drips away. We no longer have capacity to deal with setbacks. We become reactive and short fused. Turning to technology to simplify our lives has made them even more constrained and restricted and this aint letting up. Wherever we turn we are being bombarded by sensory stimulation so people feel more anxiety and are becoming more depressed, addicted and disconnected from source. This reflects in our physical shape, the excess weight, the inflexibility, the pain. These are the signs that we need to heed. This is when a retreat could probably help. But instead most people turn to external sources for assistance, these being drugs, alcohol, food or porn.

On retreat we have the chance to log off and tune in to a different pulse. We can reconnect to the truth of what and who we are - amazing sentient beings of energy and life. Creating a sense of space from within by distancing ourselves from the pace of our (ab)normal life. Nature is the place we can experience source. Its simplicity its imperfection and its constant rhythm are gentle reminders that life is a precious gift but unless we feel it by being in it we lose the sense of freedom it offers us.

Come, come away with me and you to will find your FREE!

Cassandra CollinsComment