My Yoga Odyssey

Now more than ever before in our history alignment with the powerful cosmic forces of nature can make all the difference in our lives! Its referred to in Kundalini Yoga as divine alignment. Time and again I find myself being sent a massive nudge and it still comes as a surprise! Until with hindsight I go aha, I see that now!
This has been one long hot and really challenging summer for me. Of course I've loved so much of it and the appreciation factors way up there alongside the SPF sunscreen, however keeping class attendance up when the suns so bright and the sporting offerings so abundant has been a losing battle!
My natural optimism can be a negative and I'm looking deeply at what I project to the world and actually admitting the truth is never easy. So I decided to soften and to surrender to what is happening instead of turning on and tuning into the self doubt internal dialogue that's just dying to be heard.
The real work has now begun. Taking my cue to shift focus I went backstage and found a co-pilot to assist me with evolving my brand, my social media presence and a new website. Morphing more into who I truly am now and putting this out there is the mission. Creating products and envisioning my role and how it feels to grow-the fear is there but so is the acceptance of what I have to offer as a guide a teacher and a leader in this strange new world where everything appears so tenuous yet hasn't really changed that much at all!
The effect of not earning enough can make us view life through a very narrow crack, giving myself permission to practice what I teach, to go within and channel my inner warrior, my personal reserve power that's activated through my Kundalini sadhana shows me the big picture view of what prosperity actually means. For many reasons I'd slipped out of rhythm and neglected the meditation routine of my morning. Coming back feels like coming home. Seeing abundance in the world around me in all its many varying forms is the loop that I tune in to and that I have accessed once more. Its a super vast high speed rush to be here now and to sense the spaciousness of it all!
The immediate response is the magical way that people are reaching out, enquiries about the new classes on offer and the bookings for my Gentle Re-Treat coming in fast. All confirmation indeed that the universe responds and wants us to find and feel the stillness in order for the change to happen!
40 day sadhana - Prosperity Meditation - be the wish to see in the world' Mahatma Gandhi
Chanting the mantra HAR with tongue tip activating top palate and navel centre pulsing with the repetition. Seated in sukhasana or even on a chair with hands resting on knees in gyan mudra for up to 11 min no more but no less than 3


Cassandra Collins