I love reading and sensing subtle signs from nature about the way of the world and the skin I’m in. I constantly seek the meaning in the messages received. Both the dark and the light, the hard lessons on the outside reveal a soft spaciousness within. Mystery versus mastery creating moments of unfolding wonder. It’s seriously tough going at times but this is down to ego and right now for me it’s a tough time! I’ve come to the end of a chapter and a new ones about to begin! However my chest area is on fire! This is my heart centre. I’ve found it hard to breathe deep these past few days due to a respiratory tract infection. I’ve been holding incredible tension and pain in my shoulders and to top it all - I managed to scald myself with boiling water down my left boob and chest! So I’m covered with red angry itchy welts. I share this not to seek sympathy but to encourage you to see the messages that you are being sent in your life too. Nothing - absolutely nothing happens without some connection to another! To help me process all of this stuff to let it all go and to let GOD I turned to my Soul - I returned to Soul Consciousness through a creative play date with me myself I. Yesterday I found expression through art, through painting an image that has been waiting for this moment in time. I had no idea when I began what would unfold - I simply allowed myself to flow with my breath and the beautiful Kundalini music that accompanied me. The colours I chose are related to my heart chakra - green and my throat chakra - blue. None of this surprises me at all. This is where I have had to close down these past few months believing I could make a difference but I was mistaken and my physical body let me know! I held back in speaking my mind and I held back in expressing my love for me! I am guided by the messages I receive from beyond. Life will forever have highs and lows but how we chose to be is what we are here to discover. I invite you to join me and allow your own journey to be-ingness begin. My soul painting and Kundalini yoga workshops could be the catalyst you deserve. Are you ready to join me and go beyond?

The intuitive capacity of the human is the natural gift of our birth. Use it don’t loose it!

Catherine Harris