News and Happenings in August 2018

My new web page is well, by now all up and running as you are reading this on the very page of which I speak. Its been a labour of much love to birth the latest version of whats now a common social norm. But boy does the process bring stuff that's long been hidden glaring out at me!

Stuff like am I worth this and is it not all a little over the top to be so out there when I really am happiest in the company of my family and small - really small circle of beloved friends.

But if I’m to earn my living and do what I love to do best which is to bring a sense of peace and spaciousness to peoples lives then how else am I to achieve this ‘cept by being visible and showing up in my very best light!

Everything seems a little crazy from the weather to the drop off in class attendance and I’m having to reach deep inside and trust my teachers and my discipline, my daily sadhana to keep me up and at it!

It’s coming into the richness and fullness of summertime here in the UK and thank goodness we had a day of soft cooling rain. It’s inspiring and energising and I loved the feel of the wetness and cold on my bare skin and the mulch softness underfoot. These are moments that I treasure most besides my time spent with family. I hope wherever you are and whatever you busy with you can take a little time out to just savour the wonder of our natural world and the moments of mundane magic that exist in every breath and with every step we take.

Augusts WoMoon class for ladies only is happening on Saturday 25th from 6 -8pm and the lovely Zoe Foster will be holding the space in my absence. I will be taking time out to celebrate my birthday on the Dartmoor doing some full moon celebrations and meditations. If you would like to attend the WoMoon Yoga session please email or message me to confirm your space. Its a donation only event in support of the beautiful Mums, sisters and daughters who all form part of our community of soul sisters. We come together in support and celebration of what it means to be wholly woman. Like our sister moon we can be vague cool and deeply mysterious and changeable. No you are so not alone and its within this circle of sisters and women energy that the truth is honoured. The yoga we practice in this group is gentle, nurturing and meditative. Hope to see you on your mat!

With love and waves of light

Catherine Harrisupdate