Letting Go Like The Leaves

Changing busy times for all who call this space home, new season, new term, new month, new week and new day. Our challenge remains the same however, letting go of whats come to pass - the great, the good and the bad in order to make space for more of what we need and some of what we want.

There's no better way to practice this than by active out breathing, gentle holding of your attention on the exhale and filling the still point with awareness before taking the next slow sip in through the nose. If you are new to this ancient wisdom and have taken your breath for granted it's never to late to try it and savour the peace and calm it brings. It is through our conscious connected breathing that we can begin to direct our vital life force energy and enhance overall well being. But this comes with much practice and patience, so keep up, keep giving it a go and one day it will be your second nature!

Another simple way of learning to let go is to observe the falling of the leaves from the tree. When the times come they simply float slowly softly to the ground, surrendering to the inevitably of decomposition and in the process becoming part of the new life that will surely follow.

I'd love to see you on a mat soon so in addition to the regular sessions on offer I'm hosting a Mellow Meadow Hatha Yoga Class outdoors yes, in a peaceful wild garden meadow. See the details on Cassandra Collins Yoga Facebook page or contact me via email to book your mat space.

I leave you with this beautiful poem that has sometimes helped me in times of challenge. Hope it does the same for you. Share it and spread the light and the love...

She Let Go

Poem By Rev. Safire Rose

She Let Go. Without A Thought Or A Word, She Let Go. 

She Let Go Of The Fear. She Let Go Of The Judgments. She Let Go Of The Confluence Of Opinions Swarming Around Her Head. She Let Go Of The Committee Of Indecision Within Her. She Let Go Of All The ‘Right’ Reasons. Wholly And Completely, Without Hesitation Or Worry,
She Just Let Go. 

She Didn’t Ask For Advice. She Didn’t Read A Book On How To Let Go. She Didn’t Search The Scriptures. She Just Let Go. She Let Go Of All Of The Memories That Held Her Back. She Let Go Of All The Anxiety That Kept Her From Moving Forward. She Let Go Of The Planning And All Of The Calculations About How To Do It Just Right. She Didn’t Promise To Let Go. She Didn’t Journal About It. She Didn’t Write The Projected Date In Her Day-Timer. She Made No Public Announcement And Put No Ad In The Paper. She Didn’t Check The Weather Report Or Read Her Daily Horoscope. 

She Just Let Go. 

She Didn’t Analize Whether She Should Let Go. She Didn’t Call Her Friends To Discuss The Matter. She Didn’t Do A Five-Step Spiritual Mind Treatment. She Didn’t Call The Prayer Line. She Didn’t Utter One Word. She Just Let Go. No One Was Around When It Happened. There Was No Applause Or Congratulations. No One Thanked Her Or Praised Her. No One Noticed A Thing. Like A Leaf Falling From A Tree,
She Just Let Go. 

There Was No Effort. There Was No Struggle. It Wasn’t Good And It Wasn’t Bad. It Was What It Was, And It Is Just That. In The Space Of Letting Go, She Let It All Be. A Small Smile Came Over Her Face. A Light Breeze Blew Through Her. And The Sun And The Moon Shone Forevermore... 



Cassandra Collins