A Date With Destiny

I said a great big fat YES to something, an amazing opportunity yesterday that somehow feels like I’ve made a date with destiny! I had to think hard and really fast cause opportunities they come and go and choice is all we really know. Because of my fear based narrative about self worth I impulsively wanted to scream no. Instead I sat with the question allowing all those limiting thoughts to surface - feeling into my heart for what is true. There I found the courage to say yes, yes to the potential direction this will take me, to the growth this will foster within me and yes, most importantly to a very worthy cause.

The importance of this YES played deep into my psyche because I had a very clear dream about my new born baby and the responsibility of this precious gift, challenging me on so many levels. It wasn’t a comfortable dream but there were moments of intense love and light that bought relief, not unlike real life. I am a mother, I’ve been here before, I recognise these feelings, and through my mothering we somehow both survived, my son and I.

When I woke this morning the symbolic meaning surfaced to. I may be scared AF but if I continue to align with the highest good and see this opportunity for what it truly is - a gift from the heart for those most vulnerable and in need, all will be well. We will not only survive but we’ll thrive!

Cassandra Collins