Hi Tides and Easter Good Vibes from Me to You

The month of April’s off to a very busy start and with the holidays fast approaching our nerves will probably be taking some strain. To help you out and keep you steady on, I’ve loads of rewarding yoga and chill-out sessions planned. Factoring in essential me-time is simply priceless and reminds us to somehow Be more and Do less! Funny thing is that when this becomes our norm we focus more easily on what needs sorting and all starts flowing and falling effortlessly into place. Well this is my reality and I urge you to prove me wrong…

I was reminded the other day by a fabulous friend and fellow yogi Zoe Foster, The Life Energy Alchemist that:

‘Done is always better than perfect’

If this resonates with you as it does for me then best you befriend her too. Besides our friendship I really enjoy and am inspired by her teaching style. Her wisdom is based on her academic past yet retains a depth that is pure soul inspired. Zoe teaches yoga on occasion in the great outdoors around a warm fire pit in a secret Dartmoor location. This is high in my bucket list for this coming summer so let’s do this together why don’t we? In addition we’re teaming up to bring you an amazing adventurous afternoon of Soul Expression Journeying. More info is available under my IMMERSION banner and on facebook and instagram. We’d love to have you along for the ride. It involves yoga, sacred geometry and sound so whats not to love!

If you around Exeter over the Easter weekend come and join our Kick-Ass Kundalini class at Exeter Yoga Workshop on Easter Friday at 10am. This class will take you deeper into your own experience of yoga and though not ideal for absolute beginners its definitely recommended for movers and improvers.. However our limits and edges are mutable and we need to learn the art of honouring these internal rhythms. Being Human is more fragile than we care to admit.

Even us Yogeez need the occasional break so no class will take place on Easter Monday. I’ll be spending precious time with my family and the newest member of this tribe, my adorable rescue puppy Billy the fur-kid. An 8 month old Shih Tzu X Toy Pom who I was fortunate to adopt from the Blue Cross Animal Rescue Centre. We’re slowly finding our groove and I look forward to introducing you all in good time.

I wish you peace love and much light over the holidays and hope to see you back on a mat soon.

Om Shanti

Cassandra Collins