My Journey

There’s a really beautiful Zulu word - UBUNTU - it means 'I am because we are'. This is all about who and what I am because of You!


kundalini yoga teacher training

The beginning

I feel the very best gift to give oneself is that of presence. But what exactly does this mean? The chance we have of being born at all is simply miraculous and for a large part of my life at least I was totally numb to this. Through childhood trauma and adolescent angst to seeking safety and security in marriage at a very young age I kind of stumbled along immune to the delicate fabric of subtle energy webs through which we weave our reality.


Leaning into Intuition

I sensed of course there was more and along came teachers to guide me until I got it! Yoga has been one of those very precious teachers. I now feel a deep natural connection to everything and everyone on this planet. There's an awareness that wasn't around before. And this awareness is what enables me to show up, it's the fuel for the courage I need to accept all that I am. The good the bad and the ugly. There's no denying my humanness - I've had to pick myself up and shake it all off and start again time and time again. Nothing really changes when we feel this yet everything changes!


The present

Today I have found my voice and I'm a guide and a teacher and yet I remain a student too - the more I learn the more I realise how much more there is to learn and awaken to!

There's no destination - there’s just presence and feeling the connection to it all.

This is my life and this is what I’d love to share with YOU.