My Teachers

Pritam Hari Kaur Har Bhajan Singh Yogi Bhajan

A chance meeting in a health food shop back in 2009 opened my life to the practice of Kundalini Yoga. Pritam Hari Kaur and her husband Har Bhajan Singh Khalsa were the owners of said shop and students of Yogi Bhajan, the Master of Kundalini Yoga. She invited me to her classes and I owe all that I have gained through this spiritual practice to her and Har Bhajan Singh, and of course Yogi Bhajan.

Kundalini Yoga was introduced to the West in 1969, a time of mass social conscious activism in the USA and the dawning of the Age Of Aquarius. Yogi Bhajan believed westerners were ready for the powerful effects the practice generates on the individual. He was considered a rebel yogi by his people as until then only a select few of the Brahmin and royal castes were permitted to practice this form of Yoga. Young people across the world were searching for answers that the traditional cultural norms were unable to give and this was his motivation. He often said to his students ‘I have come here to find teachers not to gather disciples’ and we are all aware that when the student is ready the teacher appears!

Pritam lived with and studied under Yogi Bhajan in Germany at the 3HO Ashram near Hamburg where she met and married her husband, Har Bhajan, from South Africa. It was Yogi Bhajans' request in 1986 that they started teaching in South Africa. Today they live in a beautiful valley in the Western Cape in South Africa, developing their eco Long Valley Farm, supporting the local community and continuing to share the wisdom of the Kundalini Yoga teachings.

Kundalini means the ‘coiled female serpent’ - a regular practice of breath-work, postures and chanting awakens this dormant force and it begins a journey up the spine and through each of the energy centres creating a general state of wellbeing and increased energy.
— Cassandra Collins