Types of session

From total beginners to improvers, there is something for every-body and every schedule.

Executive yoga

Power Hour for busy Exec’s

Private sessions (121) at your work place.

Just kick back, log off and reconnect with who YOU truly are.

No need to change just loosen up the tie, remove the shoes & breathe deep. Includes a glass of energising green super juice (home made from home grown veggies when possible)

40 minutes of gentle dynamic movement and breath work for groups or individuals.

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Online Solo Session

Enjoy all the benefits of a private yoga class in the comfort of your own space or home.

Suitable for people who have little free time, who travel for business, beginners to yoga who may be a little self conscious or those who simply cant make a regular group class but are committed to their practice.
I offer a weekly on-line hour of yoga designed with you and your specific needs in mind. It’s about meeting You where you are at on your journey!

Beginners yoga

Beginners course - New Year, New You

January 2019

6 week immersion into the theory, the history and the spiral dynamics of Kundalini Yoga. How to include yoga in every day life and why it is such an effective transformational tool.

Every Thursday from 6-7.15pm at Health House Clinic in Exeter.  Limited to a maximum of 9 students.

Price: £60

cat on chair

Chair Yoga

Location of your choice

Therapeutic chair based yoga and meditation sessions for those less mobile.

40 minutes group or private classes in the comfort of your own home. This class is for you if you'd like a delicate and personalised session.

Please enquire if interested in any of the above options. Bespoke classes designed around your specific needs.