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Why do yoga?

Yoga classes are a chance for us to step out of the busy-ness of reality and to drop back into the essence of being. A regular practice brings many rewards that include a positive shift in attitude, health, peace and a sense of spaciousness in our life.

This is a special bonding time for you - if you feeling drained, anxious or stuck just 60 minutes twice a week will totally turn your life around. Starting out with one class per week is always an option! The more you do the more you will want to do and life slowly starts to allow for this to happen.

If you are going through a change in life, preparing for or recovering from a major operation, needing clarity and renewed focus or simply feeling the urge to look after yourself a little better are just a few of the reasons why people find their way to yoga.  

Please consult your health care practitioner if in any doubt about your ability to do yoga.

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What are my classes like?

The studio is a place of peace and quiet contemplation. Once in the space keeping conversation to a minimum is respectful and desirable. Practicing barefoot on a sticky rubber mat is today the norm, however any chance you get to take your practice out doors and onto the earth - grab it! In the summer time this happens whenever and wherever possible: wild yoga, meadow yoga, open air yoga, tree yoga....stay tuned in for more.

Practicing yoga is a non competitive pursuit. Students are guided to soften and open to the sensations arising within the body.

You are absolutely welcome to ask questions or chat with me post class if you want to discuss anything.

Candles, fairy lights, beautiful uplifting or soul soothing music sets the mood.

Bolsters blocks and straps are available for use during class. Having your own mat is always best but if in need I have some spare.

Using my voice and demonstrating some of the postures is my preferred style of teaching, very rarely will I physically adjust your body and only with your permission.

Taking what you learn on the mat off the mat and into your life is the ultimate gift. No amount of reading about yoga will achieve this. Just do it!